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Where are you in your spiritual journey with God?

Have you become proficient at living life God’s way? That’s what He wants for you so you will become all He knows you were designed to be.

Are you living life according to God’s principles? That’s the only way you will find true happiness and experience all the “best” He has planned for you.

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Total Life Discipleship

Knowing God Intimately

If you want to become a faithful disciple of Jesus Christ, you must make your relationship with God your highest priority. (more)

Embracing Your Identity in Christ

Who are you, really? When we establish our identity in how God sees us we can confidently live our lives in the assurance of His perfect plan for our lives. (more)

Walking in the Spirit

God has designed us for “supernatural living” which is dependent on Him for wisdom, power, and resources available only through the Holy Spirit. (more)

Developing a Biblical Worldview

What is truth? A biblical worldview is grounded in a commitment to knowing and understanding the Bible. It is a commitment to ascertaining truth for our lives and applying that truth to the everyday situations we encounter. (more)

Loving God’s Family

God’s Word has much to say about how we are to treat other members of Christ’s Body, the Church. It is Christ in us who empowers us to live a life that is pleasing to God and honoring to our fellow Christians. (more)

Reaching Others for Christ

Discover how you can introduce others to Jesus and the wonderful plan He has for their lives. (more)

Resisting Temptation and Evil

Let’s face it—we live in an evil environment. Satan uses illusions, distorted values, and false hope to obtain our allegiance. How can we resist him? (more)

Living a Holy Life

It is very clear in the teachings of the Scripture that no Christian is sinless (1 John 1:8-10), but it is also clear that God expects the true believer to not sin habitually. (more)

Fulfilling God’s Plan

Why do you exist? It is not enough to be able answer that question confidently and convincingly. You must also answer it correctly … or you will end up wasting your time and talents on a life without purpose. (more)

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