Renetta Siemens

Renetta has retired to Canada after serving with OMF International in Davao City, Philippines

Renetta was involved in the Indigenous Peoples youth ministry in the city. More specifically, as Chair person of the OMF Scholarship committee. Her job was to oversee the scholarship program for tribal youth going through college when they come to the city and join the program.

As of October 2010, there were 11 students in the program. There are so many aspects of ministry with youth. Along with the committee she reviewed applications, decided who could take entrance exams, oversaw policies and issues that concerned students, handled enrollment funds and student accountability, communicated information on government programs also available, reviewed grades and receipts, did banking for the team, counseled and advised, and visited their schools from time to time. Renetta also scheduled meetings like Bible studies for them and coordinated ministry with them. There is a sponsorship program where people send financial help to support students in college.

“We are happy that some of our students have already graduated and are able to help their own people.” I thank the Lord for people who pray for me and support me and you are included in that. Thanks again and God bless you all.”

Renetta Siemens

OMF International

Overseas Missionary Fellowship is a global network of Christians proclaiming the glory of Jesus Christ among East Asia’s peoples through fervent prayer, loving service and personal witness.

Through God’s grace and power we work to see a biblical church movement in each people group of East Asia.

Started as the China Inland Mission by Hudson Taylor, OMF serves throughout East Asia in a variety of ministries, including evangelism and discipleship, starting new churches, tentmaking, student ministry, English teaching and mobilizing and equipping Asian churches for world missions.

Our relationships with national churches provide meaningful opportunities for partnership in long-term and short-term outreach activities.

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