Cole and Hannah Hinderager

NTM  Tribal Church Planting – Philippines

Hinderager Crop 1NTM ministers among unreached people groups In 2,500 of the world’s 6,500 people groups, there is no church, nor is there any work being done to establish a church.

NTM works in the tribal culture and language. These tribes’ cultures and languages have isolated them from the Gospel. Missionaries must learn their language and understand their culture in order to effectively plant a church.

NTM presents foundational Bible teaching.  Unreached people groups have no concept of the God of the Bible. Chronological Bible teaching presents a foundation for understanding Jesus’ death and resurrection.

NTM establishes mature churches. Following the pattern seen in Acts as God’s people carried out the Great Commission, missionaries seek to establish mature churches that partner in the Great Commission.

Ministry Goals

With over 170 different language groups spread over 7,000 different islands, the Philippines is home to many people who do not have access to God’s Word in their language.

We will live among a people group, and learn their culture and language so that we can clearly and effectively communicate truth to them. We will teach literacy, giving them an opportunity to read God’s Word for themselves. And we will teach chronologically through the Bible, boasting of God’s goodness and grace throughout the ages.

Once a church has been born, we want to disciple the believers, and see them equipped to lead their families, understand and obey God’s Word, rely on the Holy Spirit, and share God’s message of grace with others.

God is faithfully building His church in the Philippines, and we want to be part of this exciting work!

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